Ennova Feature List

Intuitive Workflow

Ennova supports all major platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The intuitively-designed user interface is uncluttered and adapts to the task at hand. Usually, the next command needed is available through the context-sensitive menus, activated by the right mouse click.

Hardware-accelerated graphics is fully available on local and remote server environments.

Work locally on your desktop or notebook or seamlessly transition to a corporate or cloud server. Ennova is parallelized in its DNA and no change of user experience is required.

Avoid repetitious user inputs by enabling Ennova scripting language, based on QtScript, which is cross-platform and almost identical to JavaScript.

Ennova tolerates defects in CAD data and features a very powerful CAD repair algorithm which can be called automatically or manually.

CAD Data

Access to files in all major standard and proprietary CAD and 3D formats. Support for exporting to standard CAD formats including Acis, AutoDesk, Catia, Creo,I-deas, Iges, IFC, JT, Parasolid, PDF, PRC, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhino, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Step, STL, VDA-FS, Universal 3D, and VRML.

CAD data can be sourced from a variety of CAD engines in the same model.


Depending on solvers requirements, surface, volume, structured, unstructured, hybrid, and boundary layer prism meshing can be selected.

Support for ASME V.20 CFD standard.

Major proprietary mesh formats are supported including, Star-CD, Fluent, CGNS, IcemCFD, VTK, Ennova, and OpenFOAM.


For advanced usage a very robust API is available for pre- and post-processing. Developing tools for your in-house or specialized solvers needs using C++.